3D People Counting System


Traffic Counter

Measuring the number of visitors that enter the store. In conjunction to the Analytics Manager V8, the data will be aggregated to produce site weekly report. This will enable store managers to review the sales conversion of their stores and make quantify the number of visitors that enter the store but do not make a purchase. The company weekly report will provide CEO with an overview of the performance of all of their stores for them to make data driven decision.



1. Sales conversion - Identify shoppers that do not make a purchase

Optimise the operating expense from staffing by having the right number of staff during peak


2. Staff planning - The right number of staff, at the right time

Gain true insights and see the difference in results between campaigns that work, and

campaigns that do not work

3. Marketing effectiveness - Visualise the results in campaigns

Oversee the entire operation of the retail chain with undeterred coverage, and make

adjustments to daily operations accordingly

4. Store profiling - Have a macro view on operations